Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taking protein bars

I am new to bodybuilding. I want to add weight and develop a good physique. Right now, I am just drinking Protinex. I want to know how to get protein bars. I have not seen them in shops. Can anyone help me with other kind of protein supplements?

Taking protein bars depends on the duration you have started your workout. It is advisable not to take any supplements for the first few months after you started going to Gym .You muscles will tighten and will become a little big in size and then they will reach the threshold. This is the right time for taking supplements. Rather to gain bulk, try having some 15 egg whites everyday after the workout or have it with your lunch. This should get you going.

Try the oval shaped stuff – eggs
Why protein bars and stuff? Go the natural way. Break an egg, get the white into a glass of hot boiling milk and there you have got all the protein you need. The same stuff twice a day will take care of your protein and weight gaining needs. This is what helped my very slim cousin gain 15 kgs in 7 months time plus some heavy workouts as well.

How to Lose Flabs from mid waist?

Our genetics determine where we put on weight. Exercising an area can only increase muscle, not reduce fat. You need to aim to reduce total body fat for that, and to do so, you require good diet and exercise.

Eat healthily, eat sensibly, and exercise. As well as running (that is not good for knees and other joints in the long term. Circuit training is good for weight loss and fat control. The more muscle you have (and I don’t mean like Arnold Schwarzenegger), the more calories your body burns.

So start exercising at home, do those star jumps, press ups, squats, thrusts etc. Crunches and lateral obliques will also help.