Thursday, September 20, 2012

How many push ups can you do in one breathe?

How many push ups can you do in one go? This was the question we used to ask to each other while in the gym when we were teenagers but I was so glad to hear this question again by a fitness enthusiast of my age in my office. Now I am 32 but still the memories of pumping 150 pushups in 5 go's amaze me a lot. I have tried several times but I am not able to go from more than 35 in one go let it be the busy schedule at the office and writing on my laptop at home or whatever it is but it is true that I need to remember my good old days and start doing all those activities that I used to do. Isn't my story just like you. Oh it's not exactly the same but if you were an old fitness enthusiast and not able to hit the gym now then this must be a coincidence.

So for me I think it is best to maintain body, as inactivity is a disease and always remember those "short bursts of stress to maintain weight" that I told you yesterday. Anyways, this is my push up story, would like to read yours now.

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