Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Short bursts of stress help you maintain weight throughout the day

Have you ever imagined that running upstairs in your office when you have got late for the client meeting can help you maintain weight. Yes it is right. In fact each and every short activity where you stress out physically not only help you lose little calories but also helps you develop a good metabolism. Even running between metro stations to catch the train running upstairs and then downstairs help you get rid of extra fat. This is good for people who have no time to hit the gym or go to the park in the morning for walk and exercise.

Although it is not possible for everyone to perform exercises in the office because of less availability of space or time but no one will point you out when you will be running upstairs and downstairs. Just leave the escalators and help yourself maintain a healthy body. I hope you will remember my advice and start doing this on a daily basis to maintain weight.

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